Wether you are a complete beginner, looking to progress your skills or make a career out of diving Scuba Cyprus has the right courses for you. We offer a large variety of SSI courses made to maximise your knowledge and experience whilst enjoying all that diving in the med has to offer.

Book your course today and start learning immediately. SSI and Scuba Cyprus offer you the opportunity to start you course online today and spend less time in the classroom during your holiday and maximise your in water time during your course.

  • Try Scuba Diving

    Discover all the hype about diving. Join one of our try diving package and experience the peacefull, 0 gravity feeling underwater whilst observing the marine life glide along gracefully in these crystal clear waters

  • Beginner Course

    Scuba Cyprus offers a number of courses for absolute beginners. Book now and get all your course material online so you can start your course before your holiday. Online pre-training helps you spend less time in the classroom and more time in the water during your holiday.

  • Specialty Courses

    Are you looking to further your skills ? Book one of our SSI specialty courses today and upgrade your dive qualifications, online theory training is available for most specialty courses and helps you spend less time in the class room and more time in the water during your holiday.

  • Professional Courses

    Become a dive professional by joining one of our professional internships and start a new career that allows you discover the world. Our professional programmes will train you in many aspects of the diving industry and help you take the first dive into a life of teaching diving

Become a dive pro with SCUBA CYPRUS

Are you 18 or over , find yourself dreaming of the crystal blue waters whilst at your office desk or looking for a career to help you travel the world? Why not join one of the Scuba Cyprus internship courses and become a dive professional and live the dream.

Scuba Cyprus offers a number of different professional programmes from dive guide courses to course combinations all the way up to instructor level. Your role and responsibilities are clearly outlined in our courses so you will not only be prepared as a diver but also as a teacher and dive guide.